encourage innovation, influence culture and impact society through the integration of emerging
technologies, global brands, and the most exciting creators and artists on the planet.
Our VISION is to advance creative human capital. We’ve created a totally new PARADIGM, opening the gates
to a previously untapped market: ENTERTAINMENT TECH, bridging the gap between new technologies,
leading companies and creators.
MUZE TECH brings together state-of-the-art new technology startups, prominent corporates, innovative
creators and non-profits in a unique creative ecosystem, satisfying the desire and market demand to push
the boundaries of entertainment through tech. 


Of creativity
MUZE TECH presets a holistic business and impact model: every element works together, from startups to established corporates. We are environmentally conscious and critically aware that social and governance factors are as important as financial factors in the investment decision-making process. Accordingly, we mentor startups in scaling their impact and incorporating environmental, social and governance attributes. Our impact is founded on three major elements:


● Content for impact

fostering the creation of entertainment content with environmental and social value


● Empowering the creators community

initiating a new Renaissance, making this the greatest moment in history to be a creator


● Social impact KPI’s

ensuring measurable KPIs, driven by UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, are embedded in corporates and startups, enhancing their business model’s profit and impact


 industry-crossing perspectives to the
fullest. With the sheer quantity of different scenarios and inspirations, MUZE TECH helps meet this challenge
by filtering inspiration and focusing clearly on relevant futures, bridging the gap between trends, invention
and tomorrow‘s opportunities for trend agencies, futurist and foresight experts and corporate innovation
departments. Our future-forward expertise, through exclusive access to unique projects and the top creators
in the business, has generated pioneering products:

MUZE TECH has harnessed advanced technologies – AR/VR, lighting, photography and video technologies, allowing audiences to play an interactive part in any show; live performances, conferences, Metaverse events and more

MUZE TECH identifies startups with the potential to scale, inviting them to participate in MUZE CAMP, the boot camp tailor-made for the needs of the startups – with each startup having total access to professionals in entertainment, technology and finance that will help them make the big leap forward, bringing them to an optimal Go-to-Market state.

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CREATE TECH has the tools to transform the vision of the next generation entrepreneurs into impactful entertainment businesses, maximizing growth and engagement and embedding innovative content, embracing all creative disciplines: music, video, filmmaking, writing, art, creative expression of any kind. Through immersive technology, we develop, enable and coordinate all the system’s elements, transforming them into impactful value

Sadeh Yariv

The rise of the CREATORS Renaissanc

This is the greatest moment in history to be a creator

In this new-era, we have the tools to transform the vision
of the next generation entrepreneurs into impactful
entertainment business to maximize growth and engagement

Growth in
me tech
Market size

SOME FRIENDS HAVE MADE while working together.